Kendriya Sahitya Akademi awarded books of Odisha

Sahitya Akademi, India's National Academy of Letters, is the central institution for literary dialogue, publication and promotion in the country and the only institution that undertakes literary activities in 24 Indian languages, including English. Over the 56 years of its dynamic existence, it has ceaselessly endeavored to promote good taste and healthy reading habits, to keep alive the intimate dialogue among the various linguistic and literary zones and groups through seminars, lectures, symposia, discussions, readings and performances, to increase the pace of mutual translations through workshops and individual assignments and to develop a serious literary culture through the publications of journals, monographs, individual creative works of every genre, anthologies, encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibliographies, who's who of writers and histories of literature.

Akademi gives 24 awards annually to literary works in the languages it has recognized and an equal number of awards to literary translations from and into the languages of India, both after a year long process of scrutiny, discussion and selection. It also gives special awards called Bhasha Samman to significant contribution to the languages not formally recognized by the Akademi as also for contribution to classical and medieval literature. It has also system of electing eminent writers as Fellows and Honorary Fellows and has also established fellowship in the names of Dr. Anand Coomaraswamy and Premchand. The Akademi has launched Centres for Translation in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Delhi, and an Archive of Indian Literature in Delhi. A project office for the promotion of Tribal and Oral literature has also been set up in the North Eastern Hill University Campus, Shillong. Many more imaginative projects are on the anvil. Sahitya Akademi is aware of cultural and linguistic differences and does not believe in forced standardization of culture through a bulldozing of levels and attitudes. At the same time, it is also conscious of the deep inner culture, spiritual, historical and experimental links that unify India's diverse manifestations of literature. This unity seeks an international species-dimension through the Akademi's Culture Exchange Programmes with other counties on the globe.

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Adhyaya Ekabinsha

Adhiya Ekabinsha written by Asit Mohanty published by Friends..

Rs 150.00 Ex Tax: Rs 150.00

Amesabu Saragara Phulare

Amesabu Saragara Phulare written by Sricharan Mohanty published by Vidyapuri..

Rs 25.00 Ex Tax: Rs 25.00

Asami Hazir

Asami Hazir written by Jugalkishore Dutta published by Vidyapuri..

Rs 320.00 Ex Tax: Rs 320.00

Gandhi Manisha

Gandhi Manisha is a Kendriya sahitya Akademy Awarded book written by Sharat Kumar Mohanty & pub..

Rs 350.00 Ex Tax: Rs 350.00


Gopapura written by Ramachandra Behera published by Friends..

Rs 150.00 Ex Tax: Rs 150.00


Kalabela written by Jugalkishore Dutta published by Vidyapuri..

Rs 190.00 Ex Tax: Rs 190.00

Manoj Dasnka Katha O Kahani

Manoj Dasnka Katha O Kahani written by Manoj Das published by Friends..

Rs 200.00 Ex Tax: Rs 200.00


Nilasaila written by Surendra Mohanty published by Cuttack Students Store..

Rs 250.00 Ex Tax: Rs 250.00


Patadei written by Binapani Mohanty published by Vidyapuri..

Rs 90.00 Ex Tax: Rs 90.00

Tanmaya Dhuli

Tanmaya Dhuli written by Prativa Satpathy published by Vidyapuri..

Rs 45.00 Ex Tax: Rs 45.00


Ullanghana written by Pratibha Ray published by Adya Prakashani..

Rs 250.00 Ex Tax: Rs 250.00

Atma Jeebanee

Atma Jeebanee is written by Pandit Neelakantha Dash & Published by Cuttack Students Store..

Rs 150.00 Ex Tax: Rs 150.00

Kumbhara Chaka

Kumbhara Chaka Autobiography of Kabichandra Dr Kali Charan Pattanaik & published by Cuttack Stud..

Rs 300.00 Ex Tax: Rs 300.00