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Odisha Sahitya Akademi, the apex literary organization of the State of Odisha, was established in the year 1957 by the Govt. of Odisha, Education dept. with an autonomous status to work actively for the development of Oriya literature and to set high literary standards, to foster and coordinate literary registered in the year 1970 under the Society Registered Act of 1860. The Akademi has a written constitution and the day-to-day work and activities of the Akademi are being conducted according to the resolutions of the Executive Board and General Council of the Akademi, the Supreme law-making bodies, in accordance with the provisions in the constitution.

The prime objective of the organization is as follows:

  • To promote co-operation among men of letters and literacy associations, Universities and cultural organizations and to encourage the establishment and development of representative literary associations concerned with the advancement of Oriya literature'
  • To encourage or to arrange translation of literary works from different Indian languages into Oriya and also from foreign languages into Oriya and vice-versa,
  • To publish or to assist associations and individuals in publishing literary works including bibliographies, dictionaries, bilingual or multilingual encyclopedias, basic vocabularies etc. in the Oriya Language and publishing, literary journals, reviews and lists of publications in Oriya,
  • To sponsor or to hold literary conferences, seminars and exhibitions,
  • To award prizes and distinctions and to give recognition to individual writers for outstanding works,
  • To promote research in Oriya language and literature and to encourage the propagation and study of such literature,
  • To improve and develop the Oriya and other scripts in use in Odisha and to encourage publication of selected books in Oriya language in the Devanagari Script,
  • To promote cultural exchanges with other states in India and countries abroad and to correspond and establish relations with National and International organizations in the field of letters,
  • To encourage writers on scientific subjects or textbooks at collegiate stage in Oriya,
  • To collect, compile and publish folk-songs and folk-tales,
  • To publish outstanding books in Oriya,
  • To receive grants, endowments and other donations and I furtherance of the objectives and activities of the Akademi to purchase land, to own property of all kinds and to maintain, sell, mortgage or otherwise dispose of it, and
  • To be such other acts and things whether incidental to the powers aforesaid or not, as may be required in order to further its objects.
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    Abhishapta Gandharva

    Abhishapta Gandharva written by Mohapatra Nilamani Sahu published by Agraduta..

    Rs 320.00 Ex Tax: Rs 320.00

    Amrutara Santana

    Amrutara Santana written by Gopinath Mohanty published by Vidyapuri..

    Rs 350.00 Ex Tax: Rs 350.00

    Amrutasya Putri

    Amrutasya Putri written by Banshidhar Das published by Vidyapuri..

    Rs 45.00 Ex Tax: Rs 45.00


    Antaryatra written by Bipin Bihari Mishra published by Vidyapuri..

    Rs 95.00 Ex Tax: Rs 95.00


    Aranyaka written by Manoj Das published by Friends..

    Rs 60.00 Ex Tax: Rs 60.00

    Bata Basaghara

    Bata Basaghara written by Arvind Ray published by Friends..

    Rs 65.00 Ex Tax: Rs 65.00

    Bharat Barsa

    Bharat Barsa written by Girija Kumar Baliarsingh published by Kahani..

    Rs 250.00 Ex Tax: Rs 250.00


    Bharatavarsa written by Sitakant Mahapatra published by Vidyapuri..

    Rs 80.00 Ex Tax: Rs 80.00

    Birala Rupaka

    Birala Rupaka written by Paramita Satapathy published by Vidyapuri..

    Rs 90.00 Ex Tax: Rs 90.00


    Bitansa written by Tarunkanti Mishra published by Friends..

    Rs 45.00 Ex Tax: Rs 45.00


    Charuchandralekha written by Nrusingh Tripathy published by Vidyapuri..

    Rs 135.00 Ex Tax: Rs 135.00

    Chikun O Chadhei

    Chikun O Chadhei written by Ramesh Patri published by Vidyapuri..

    Rs 30.00 Ex Tax: Rs 30.00

    Dekhahele Kahibi Se Katha

    Dekhahele Kahibi Se Katha written by Prasanna Pattasani published by Vidyapuri..

    Rs 50.00 Ex Tax: Rs 50.00


    Gaan written by Ranjit Pattnayak published by Friends..

    Rs 25.00 Ex Tax: Rs 25.00

    Gotia Gaan ra Chitrapata

    Gotia Gaan ra Chitrapata written by Bishnu Sahu published by Friends..

    Rs 95.00 Ex Tax: Rs 95.00