Oriya Novels

Odia novelist like Fakrmohan Senapati, Gopinath Mohanty, Pratibha Ray , Manoj Das and so many have contributed wonderful novels in Oriya. We have tried to bring some to our online store and our effort is continuous to increase the number. 

With the publication of his first novel Nara-Kinnara (Man and Half-Beast,1962), Shantanu Kumar Acharya (b.1934) made quite an impact on the novel-reading public of Odisha. The theme of Nara-Kinara is the search for identity of an orphan boy, George, who lives in a slum and whose parents are described as the drain and a banyan tree of a hospital. In novel like Satabdira Nachikata (The Nachiketa of the century,1965), Tinoti Ratira Sakala (Dawn after three Nights, 1969) and Shakuptala Acharya has boldly questioned the accepted ideals of the society. Krusna Prasad Mishra (1933-94).,Sinhakati (women with a Lion’s waist,1959) depicts the protagonist’s aspiration towards higher values of life. Chandra Sekhar Rath (b.1929)’s Jantrarudha ( one who Rides a Machine,1966) is the moving account of the life of a priest,potraying the futility and meaninglessness of modern life. Mohapatra Neeelamani Sahoo (b.1926) has written two novels with love and marriage as their theme. Sahoo has an intimate understanding of human character and situation and probes deep into human mind. Nrusingha Kumar Panda’s Kharabela (1989) and Jagannath Prasad Das’s Desha Kala Patra ( Land, Time and people,1992) are two important historical novels of recent times, Satkadi Hota, a prolific novelists,deals with middle class social life and values. Bibhuti Patnaik and Pratibha Ray are prolific and popular novelists. Ray has recently been in the limelight for her feminist perspective in novels like Yajnyaseni (1984). Chandramani Das, Jogindra Kumar Mohanty and Kanduri Charan Das have written thrillers mostly on western models. Gokulananda Mohapatra has the distinction of being the first novelist to write on scientific topics such as man’s journey into space. Jameshwar Mishra has made an interesting experiments by writing his novel, Khamari, in the colorful dialect of sambalpur. Ramachandra Behera, Jashodhara Mishra, Hrushikesh Panda, Padmaja Pal and Jyoti Nanda are some of the novelists of the younger generation experimenting with new themes and forms.

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1799 written by Hrusikesh Panda published by Arya Prakashan..

Rs 35.00 Ex Tax: Rs 35.00

Aasa Pheri Jiba

Aasa Pheri Jiba Is Written By Susmita Bagchi ..

Rs 150.00 Ex Tax: Rs 150.00


Aatmiya written by Chaitanya Prasad Sethy published by Arya Prakashan..

Rs 50.00 Ex Tax: Rs 50.00

Abarudha Udhaba

Abarudha Udhaba written by Subodh Patanik published by Arya Prakashan..

Rs 30.00 Ex Tax: Rs 30.00


Abatara written by Hadibandhu Mishra published by Nijaswa..

Rs 200.00 Ex Tax: Rs 200.00


Abhayaranya written by Nityananda Panda published by Agraduta..

Rs 70.00 Ex Tax: Rs 70.00


Abyakta written by Laxmi Priya Acharya published by Nijaswa..

Rs 50.00 Ex Tax: Rs 50.00


Achalayatan written by Surendra Mohanty published by Cuttack Students Store..

Rs 40.00 Ex Tax: Rs 40.00

Achinha Akash

Achinha Akash written by Bibhuti Pattanaik published by Friends..

Rs 70.00 Ex Tax: Rs 70.00

Achinha Basabhumi

Achinha Basabhumi written by Kalpana Kumari Devi published by Kahani..

Rs 390.00 Ex Tax: Rs 390.00

Adbhuda A Manisa

Adbhuda A Manisa written by Guru Prasad Mohanty published by Grantha Mandira..

Rs 101.00 Ex Tax: Rs 101.00

Adhakanthi Ghara

Adhakanthi Ghara written by Maheswar Das published by Vidyapuri..

Rs 70.00 Ex Tax: Rs 70.00

Adhikaru Kichhi Urdhwa

Adhikaru Kichhi Urdhwa written by Sudhansu Bala Panda published by Vidyapuri..

Rs 50.00 Ex Tax: Rs 50.00


Aditi written by Rajendra Prasad Das published by Friends..

Rs 70.00 Ex Tax: Rs 70.00

Adura Bidesha

Adura Bidesha written by Manoj Das published by Grantha Mandira..

Rs 125.00 Ex Tax: Rs 125.00