A set of 16 Books, excellent aid for early learning of Odia Language in Pre Primary and Early Primary Classes. Higly recommended for English as well as Odia Medium Schools (having Odia as a subject).

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Books are :-

First Books and Wordless Picture Books

1. Tala Upar/Upara Tala, ତଳ ଉପର / ଉପର ତଳ 

2. Mu Kie, ମୁଁ  କିଏ

3. Ek Dui Teen, ଏକ ଦୁଇ ତିନି

4. Janicha Ki, ଜାଣିଛ କି

5. Pimpudi O Para, ପିମ୍ପୁଡି ଓ ପାରା

6. Bulura Bula, ବୁଲୁର ବୁଲା

Popular Odia Nursery Rhymes

7. Aasa Gaiba - 1, ଆସ ଗାଇବା -୧ 

8. Aasa Gaiba - 2, ଆସ ଗାଇବା -୨ 

9. Aasa Gaiba - 3, ଆସ ଗାଇବା - ୩

Childrens' Creations

10. Pinocchio, ପିନାକୀୟ  

11. Pinaki, ପିନାକୀ

12. Maa Bengara Peta Phatila, ମା ବେଙ୍ଗର ପେଟ ଫାଟିଲା 

13. Shephali ra Jamukoli, ଶେଫାଳୀ ର ଜାମୁକୋଳି 

14. Champa O Champu, ଚମ୍ପା ଓ ଚମ୍ପୁ 

Bilingual Picture Books

15. A Mini Fish Tale, କୁନି ମାଛର କାହାଣୀ 

16. Gulmohar, କୃଷ୍ଣ ଚୁଡା

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Bakul Early Learning Books Set of 16 Odia and Multilingual

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