The applique village of Pipli live in Odisha

I’ve spent many a summer under my family’s colourful appliqué- work garden umbrella, reading books or chatting with friends. It had become an integral part of our lives. Gifted by a family friend who had once travelled to a place called Pipli, the garden umbrella saw us transform from mischievous toddler to gangly teenagers, its bright hues fading under the tropical sun.

It went with us as we were posted from one remote part of India to the other. Whether it was unfurled on the tiny terrace of a temporary accommodation or the massive lawn of a colonial bungalow, the Pipli umbrella weathered the surroundings with the same grit as the soldiers around us. It was retired from service only when the patchwork began to fray and come apart at the seams!

Pipli, therefore, occupied an important place in the list of my must-visit destinations though I never seemd to get round to going there. On a recent visit to the temple town of Puri, though, a friend requested me to buy a garden umbrella and That provided me the perfect reason to visit Pipli, the appliqué village.

04 Mar 2019

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