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  • Vidyapuri
  • Timepass Publications
  • Pakshighara Prakashanee
  • Pen In
  • Kahani Publications
  • Friend's Publishers
  • Grantha Mandira- Leading publication of Cuttack
  • Agradutta Publications
  • Shraddha Publications
  • Dakshya Books
  • Paschima Publications
  • Serio-Agricultural Products and Minor Forest Products from TDCC
  • Silver Filigree works from Radha Jewellers
  • Tribal World-The handicraft retail store of TDCC

Why Odisha E Store?

Odisha E Store went live in 2012 and is the fastest growing company in the field of Cultural & Ethnic products on line sale in Odisha. Enormous opportunity in the e-coomerce market inspired us to launch the online store dealing with exclusive rich cultural and ethnic products related to our state. We will continue to power ahead ..... Read More

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