Odia cuisine has developed over time with the influence of its very local culture of Vaishnavism Hinduism and Jainism and hence, has its distinct items and practices more precisely it's less spicy and somewhat sweet with the perfect balance of flavor. Odia cuisine uses less oil and is less spicy while nonetheless remaining flavorful. In old times food was traditionally served on copper plates or disposable plates made of Sal leaves. Odia cooks, particularly from the Puri region, were much sought after due to their ability to cook food in accordance with Hindu scriptures.

Almond Cake 500 Gms
Atta Coconut Cookies 200 Gms
Banana Cake 500 Gms
Chocolate Cake 500 Gms
Dry Fruit Cake 500 Gms
Millet Mix Munch 200 Gms
Raggi and Jaggery Cookies 200 Gms
Snow Dust Chocolate Cake 500 Gms
Walnut Cake 500 Gms
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