Maniabandh Handloom

Maniabandh or Kataki also known as Khandua is a traditional "bandha" or ikat sari produced from Odisha worn by women during wedding and a special type of which is worn by Jagannath. The clothes contain texts of Gita Govinda on them. Kenduli Khandua, a special form of Khandua of 12 ft and 2 kani (each kani measures the length of a hand) is offered to Jagannath to wear as khandua with stanzas and illustration from Gita Govinda.

Maniabandhi Yellow Cotton Saree

Maniabandhi Yellow Cotton Saree

Maniabandhi Bandha Saree the Traditional Flavour of Odisha, Origination From the Eastern Region of C..

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