• Dhokra Sitting Bull Decorative Showpiece

Weight in GRAMS : 635

Height : 3.7"

Width : 5.2"

Thickness : 4"

An elegant and unique curio  with a raw, rustic appeal to enhance your decor. 
The sitting bull, signifies Nandi companion of Lord Shiva. Nandi represents power, virility, joy, and delight, as well as a controlled potential for destructiveness. When carved as a free-standing figure, the Nandi is always shown in a resting position that emphasises the calmer aspect of its power.

This elegant piece is completely hand crafted in the hollow casting process which dates back to pre-historic times of the Harappa and Mohenjodaro Civilizations. It can be kept on your table, near the entrance or in the living room as a symbol of auspiciousness.

Care suggestions
Dhokra is made of brass/bell metal which tend to lose its shine over prolonged exposure to air. Wash it with 'Pitambari' or rub it with lemon peels at intervals to get the shine back. Please don't use brasso as it's remnants will leave behind white deposits after drying.

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Dhokra Sitting Bull Decorative Showpiece

  • ₹1,270.00

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