Exclusively handcrafted corporate logo on Palm Leaf scroll by our artisans whch gives an aristocratic look. Palm leaf engraving is believed to be the first ever method of keeping written record in the eastern part of India. Possibly its the reason behind the Odia Script not having horizontal lines in its alphabets, which otherwise would result in the strips getting torn. Mythological stories, called Jataka Katha (जातक कथा) were written and preserved on Palm Leaf scrolls. Till date, horoscopes in Odisha are made on Palm Leaf scrolls.

Why Handcrafted Corporate Logo?

1. Its retainable for long long years unlike metal and engeneered wood which lose their sheen in a year or two.

2. Gives an antique, ethnic and traditional touch besides being sophisticated and classy.

3. Suports artsans to retain their livelihooh, and thus our traditional art continues.

4. Amalgamation of traditional art with modern utility.

5. Can be used as name boards.

5. Its 100% eco friendly and has almost zero carbon footprint.

How to order

1. Place order online here or by mail and WhatsApp as given in ser 2.

2. Send logo by WhatsApp to 8280028002 or E-mail to [email protected]

3. Price quoted is per Square Inch. Negotiable further as per simplicity of logo and design.

4. Minimum Size - 6" x 9"

5.  Made to Order. Shipped in 15 to 20 days.

6.  Framing and Gift Box options are available at extra cost.

Being completely handcrafted slight variance between the displayed image and the product may be there.

 Strips of Palm Leaves are cut to size, arranged in a scroll, then stitched to form a scroll. The scroll is arranged in a manner that strips can be folded on each other and tied with a string. Etching is done with an iron pen or chisel called lekhani (लेखनी). Then natural ink obtained from lamp shoot, leaves and vegetables are put and wiped with a wet cloth. Only the etched portions retain the colours thus giving out the beautiful figures. Only few colours are used, prominent among them being black, red and green.

Traditionally mythological art has been the main theme of this art form. With time the tribal theme of Tree of Life also got adopted on palm leaf engravings. Now modern artisans have become more versatile with their skills and have used their skills to make modern utility items like jewelry box, pen stand, diary etc. The product displayed here is one such effort by our renowned artisans.

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Corporate Logo Palm Leaf engraving Rs 9 per Sq Inch

  • ₹9.00

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