• Palm leaf engraving Tree of Life

Tree of life - symbolises the importance of flora in the ecosystem. Plants are given a lot of importance  in Indian tradition and culture. They are worshiped as they not only give us food and air but also heal the mankind as well as the complete environment. They are essential for our prosperity. This intricately engraved piece displayed in your surroundings will give the message of preserving the environment. 
Palm leaves are arranged in strips, stitched together and figures are etched with an iron pen or chisel called lekhani. Then natural ink obtained from lamp shoot, leaves and vegetables are put and wiped with a wet cloth. Only the etched portions retain the colours thus giving out the beautiful figures. Only few colours are used, prominent among them being black, red and green.
13"x13", Palm leaf carving - etching - engraving, black, can be mounted and framed with or without glass, protect from dust, wipe with dry cloth. Don't display under direct sunlight, protect from moisture. 
Being hand carved subsequent products will not be exactly the same.

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Palm leaf engraving Tree of Life

  • ₹1,329.00

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