Bishnu Avatara(chari juga)

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Bishnu Avatara(chari juga)
"Pattachitra" is one of the distinct form of traditional hand painting in India which have been continuously in existence for almost 300 years. The pigment painted cloths for ritual use consist of "Pattachitra" (Scroll Painting) associated principally with the Lord Jagannath temple at Puri. The ritualistic art "pattachitra" is mainly practised by painter community where emphasize is given on narration and ornamentation of figure drawing with vegetable and mineral colours. Primary colours are used in "Pattachitra" of Orissa, other different shades are obtained by mixing the primary colours. Themes and motifs of "Pattachitra" are based on Hindu mythology, generally depicted the Puri temple and its rituals in a prescribed and highly stylized format. The most tedious Orissa scroll painting is done by both man and women
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