Birds of Odisha

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Author Name Pramod Dhal & Gloria Dhal
A pioneering and truly impressive compendium of ornithology of Odisha. I had the privilege of being associated with Sri Pramod Dhal's work being exhibited in Delhi some years ago to great acclaim; and am glad to see this masterpiece put together by his daughter Gloria Dhal and him. This is a wonderful compilation of photographs with detailed description and type of bird species of Odisha. The effort is commendable as the authors must have undertaken hundreds of field trips over the years to remote parts of the state to sight and photograph birds. This is the first detailed bird book which has listed 316 species found in Odisha and is definitely a must have for all birders. 1 congratulate the authors for this monumental book. The book will be of immense utility to growing numbers of bird lovers, bird watchers, photographers, students of natural science, forestry and wildlife as well as professionals, conservationists and those enforcing Wildlife law. This will be a prized addition to various libraries in the state and a must for each Forest Division and Range. Even a common man will find this book endlessly inspiring, interesting, a knowledge base and can acquire deep insight on various bird found in Odisha, their habitat and lifestyle. To my knowledge, this is the first illustrated book of its kind for Odisha and I believe, this will be a milestone to spread public awareness on avian fauna of the state.

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