• Dasa Avatara Pattachitra on Silk

Dasa Avatara (दस अवतार) black background - The painting depicts Lord Vishnu's ten incarnations or avatara at various times described in mythology to decemate evil and uphold good at different times - Mastya (मत्स्य) or fish, Kachhapa (कच्छप) or tortoise, Baraha (बराह) or wild boar, Nrushingha (नृसिंह) or lion headed man, Bamana (बामन) or dwarf, Parsurama (परसुराम), Rama (राम), Balarama (बलराम), Buddha (बुद्धा) and Kalpi (कल्पी).

12"(W)x40"(L), mixed colours (natural & acrylic) on Silk.

Can be mounted and framed with or without glass, washable. Don't display under direct sunlight, protect from moisture. Being hand painted very minor variations between the given image and theproduct in colour and work may be found.

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Dasa Avatara Pattachitra on Silk

  • ₹2,999.00

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