• Dhokra Jewelry Box Rectangular

Weight in GRAMS : 560

Height : 5"

Width : 2.5"

Depth : 3.5"

A beautiful and ethnic tribal craft Dhokra storage box crafted by award winning couple Sansari and Golap. It can be used as a jewelry box or oganiser for any other small items. A good display item in the living room, on the dressing table, guest rooms. Also it can be used to store stationary on the office table, keep dry fruits, toffees on the centre table. 

An ideal gift for ladies with a classy and traditional touch.

Dhokra or Dokra is a non-ferrous metal casting using lost wax casting technique.This form of lost wax casting dates back over 4000 years to the Indus Valley Civilization & Mohenjo-Daro days. Dhokra is basically a tribal art form done by the metal smiths of the Dhokra Damar tribe who were nomads and moved to different places.

Care suggestions
Dhokra is made of brass/bell metal which tend to lose its shine over prolonged exposure to air. Wash it with 'Pitambari' or rub it with lemon peels at intervals to get the shine back. Please don't use brasso as it's remnants will leave behind white deposits after drying.

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Dhokra Jewelry Box Rectangular

  • ₹1,280.00

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