Sri Krishna Rasa Lila black background on silk natural colours

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Sri Krishna Rasa Lila black background - A pattachitra painting on Sri Krishna Rasalila (रासलीला), painted on tussar silk (raw silk) with natural colours. It depicts the mythological stories around Krishna and Gopis in Gokul which are also spoken as folk tales. This can be used as a wall decor or for gifting. It gives a sophisticated touch to the sorroundings.

12"(W)x40"(L), mixed colours (natural & acrylic) on Silk.

Can be mounted and framed with or without glass, washable. Don't display under direct sunlight, protect from moisture. Being hand painted minor variations between the given image and the product in colour and work may be found.

Pattachitra is a form of traditional painting practised in Puri Disctrict of Odisha. The themes are based around incarnations of Lord Vishnu. However now contemporary themes on the traditional art form are being tried out by the artists.

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