Khandua Pata Silk Saree Indigo body and Odia Ikat flower motif aanchal, hand painted in pattachitra style. Aanchal has Rasa Lila or Krishna Lila and the boarder has Deva Dasi Dancers (Nartaki).

Length - 5.5 Meters

Width - 1.2 Meters

Fabric - Khandua Pata (Silk)

Weaving Style - Odia Ikkat (Nuapatana)

Painting Style - Pattachitra (Raasa Leela and Deva Dashi)

Care : Dry cleaning recommended

Being hand painted there may be slight variance of design and colour in comparison to the image displyed.

Khandua Pata is woven in the Nuapatana village cluster of Cuttack District on Odisha. Traditionally these are offered to Lord Jagannath. Odia Ikkat style of weaving involves various motifs like flowers, creepers, temples, fish, animals etc. Its a method of Tie and Die of the threads after which they are put to handlooms for weaving.

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Hand Painted Pattachitra on Khandua Pata Silk Saree

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