Handmade Organic Charcoal Soap 120 Gms. Being completely handmade, including the soap base, from purely organic products through sustainable methods, this soap has negligible carbon footprint. No synthetic fragrance has been used. Aroma of these soaps is mild as only natural essential oils are used to infuse fragrance.

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1. Removes Excess Oil from Skin. If you have been fed up trying out ways to treat or remove excess oil from your face and body, use this charcoal cleansing bar which helps in absorbing the excessive oil along with the dirt and impurities from your skin.

2. Reduces Acne & Pimples. Charcoal with its unique cleansing properties is known to be highly beneficial in treating acne and pimples. A soap impregnated with charcoal aids in removing toxins and skin impurities ensuring that the skin remains acne-free and fresh-looking ever.

3. Reduces The Pore Size. The charcoal in the soap tkes out the grime and dirt from the skin reducing the skin pore size.

4. Prevents Premature Ageing. Deep cleansig properties of active charcoal mixed in the soap slows down aeging making your skin toned up and wrinkle free. In olden times charcoal and ash of wood were therefore used to clean skin as well as teeth.

5. Provides Exfoliation. Charcoal because of its texture is one of the best gentle exfoliates. Nothing could be better than a soap with charcoal  as an exfoliator. It makes it a perfect cleaning soap even for those who have sensitive skin.

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Handmade Organic Charcoal Soap 120 Gms

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