Weight in GRAMS : 900

Height : 7"

Width : 6"

Thickness : 2.5"

Lion is a symbol of authority and self confidence. Sitting lions are traditionally placed at the entrance of temples as it is believed that they wade off the evil. This rustic yet elegant piece will fit into any corner of your home. It will be a great gift for housewarming, to a teacher, inaugural functions or to a relative. 

Dhokra craft popularly known as “lost and found” craft is a creative embodiment of stirring artistic imagination and astute foundry work – that produces artifacts of beauty and utility. Dhokra casting is an age-old skill of artisans of Odisha who now use it to address the fast changing tastes of present day end users. The craft is associated with different nine communities reflecting the vibes of their ethnic world with nuanced design and motifs.

Care suggestions
Dhokra is made of brass/bell metal which tend to lose its shine over prolonged exposure to air. Wash it with 'Pitambari' or rub it with lemon peels at intervals to get the shine back. Please don't use brasso as it's remnants will leave behind white deposits after drying.

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Home Decor Dhokra Sitting Lion

  • ₹1,800.00

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