Laxmi and Ganesha, idols of the Hindu God and Goddess, in sitting position, made of fibre and imitation material in a transparent protective box. The set of idols look exquisitely beautiful with the embeded colours giving the art work depth and brilliance.  

Statue Height : 12 inches

Box Size

Height : 13.5 inches

Width : 19 inches

Depth : 7 inches

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Note: The details of the products or product specifications (weight, color, handwork details, size, etc.) quoted with the product are only approximate values. Also there may be very slight difference in the design, colour and pattern as compared to the image(s)shown. 

Laxmi and Ganesha, are conidered to be most auspicious at the begining of any event or occasion. They are worshipped as Gods all over India. They bring in good luck, wealth and wisdom and hence the idols of the duo are kept in the offices, shops and business ventures. The idols look beautiful and attractive and can go with any decor.  

It makes an excellent gift for shop or office openings, starting of new ventures or on any other occasion. It also can be used as a decor item as well as for Puja at home.

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Laxmi Ganesha 2 Fibre Non Metallic Statue set in Transparent Box 1737

  • ₹11,449.00

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