• Mathura Vijay Black background

Mathura Vijay, black background - Kamsa, the uncle of Krishna and Balaram sends Akrura, his messenger to persuades the brothers to come to Mathura, the kingdom of Kamsa, on the pretext of celebrating a special occasion. Krishna and Balarama decide to leave for Mathura, the capital of Vrishni Kingdom, ruled by the tyrant ruler Kansa. However the real intention of Kamsa was to kill Krishna which was known to Balarama's parents as well as some people of Gokul. Hence they were against the idea of the brothers moving to Mathura. However when Krishna and Balaram decide to move to Mathura people of Gokul try to stop the chariot of the brothers. But ultimately Krishna frees Mathura from the tyrant ruler Kamsa by killing him.12"(W)x40"(L), mixed colours (natural & acrylic) on silk. 

can be mounted and framed with or without glass, washable. Don't display under direct sunlight, protect from moisture. Being hand painted there may be slight variation between the displayed image and the actual product.

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Mathura Vijay Black background

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