Weight : 48 grams

Height : 3.4 inches

Diameter : 2.5 inches

Silver Purity : 80%

Silver glass suitable for table ware, decorative or a gift on occasion of birth of a child, marriages etc. Ideal for giving water or milk to children.

Note: There may be slight variation in the product specifications ( weight, color, dimensions) quoted with the product as well as the image(s) displayed.

Why Silverware :The art of royal eating

Using Silverware is all about a healthy lifestyle, and not merely a status symbol. 

Silverware is antibacterial and keep the food protected from decaying. According to Hippocrates (Father of Medicine), silver is a tool that can kill microorganisms and is a tool to prevent any sort of decay.

Immune system gets a boost with food eaten from or stored in Silverware. Using silver glass for children is thus most beneficial.

Being non-toxic in nature is the safest as far as food contamination by chemical reaction with utensils is concerned.

Due to the cooling effect of Silver utensils on the body, the digestion process is smoothened and it improves metabolism.

Food remains fresh in Silverware for longer time. In ancient times when artificial cooling was not available a silver coin was dropped into milk to prevent it from getting spoiled.

Silver is durable and last for ages unlike glass and porcelain besides it's aristocratic touch.

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Silver Glass 48 grams 1533

  • ₹4,800.00

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