• Smrutire Gujrat

Smrutire Gujrat is Written By Goura Chandra Mohapatra. The Book Published on 3rd May 2015.The Writter Visited Some Places Of Gujrat and Written his Experience and Historical Background of the area as well as "Pouranik stories" with economic situation till date.

Smuritre Gujrat is divided into four parts

Part 1- Tirth Darsan  88pages containing Lord Dwarakadhis at Dwarka & Lord Somnath at Somnath with other place of important

Part  2- Jain Mandirs at Jamnagar area.The writer visited 4nos magnificient Jain Temples and given details regarding idols & Puja Aradhan of Jain community.

Part 3- Visiting to Rajkote and some other placeslike Gandhinagar,Sabarmati Ashram,Swain Narayan Temple,Jaganath Temple.The writer dearly narrates clearly all the events and important stories of such nice holy places.

Part 4- Diu Island is full of beautiful places which is inside Arab Sea and situated just end of Gujrat Provinces.Diu Island is full of natural magnificient scenery which attracts the visitor..The seashore and Diu Durga not only attract the people but history gives the tyrance work of foreigners.Any way now it is one of the historical and beautiful place to each indians.


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Author Name Goura Chandra Mohapatra

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Smrutire Gujrat

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