• Tribal art (Saura) on silk

Saura tribal painting on silk, depicting festivities. These paintings are done on the walls of the homes of saura tribes of Odisha. They signify all the occasions and festivities, like marriage, harvest etc. Though they look similar to Worli paintings, they are quite diffrent in detail. The figurines are taller than Worli and are number of figures of objects and activities are much more than Worli.

LxW - 30"x10"

Unframed, can be mounted and framed, washable, protect from dust and direct sunlight.

Being hand painted subsequent pieces may not be exactly the same.

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Tribal art (Saura) on silk

  • ₹1,400.00

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Tribal art (Saura) on silk
Tribal art (Saura) on silk
Tribal art (Saura) on silk