This creatively designed book (or rather 2 books in 1) introduces colours and body parts in a playful method. It has 2 separate parts, the top and the bottom. The top part has a colour, and the bottom part has an object identified with the colour. The child can flip either the top or the bottom to get the top and bottom to match. Its an exercise for children in matching identical objects and colours.

Reversing the book is another book on body parts. Again the top represents a body part and the bottom an action identified with the body part. The child has to flip to match the top with the bottom.

Printed on thick papers its durable and attracts the interest of the children.

The complete set of books (as shown in the Image) by Bakul Foundation will make a great asset for a school teaching Odia as a language or any library to whuch small children visit, to lay a strong foundation of the language. 

The books are recommended for addition as early learning tools in the curriculum of class 1 of  English medium schools where Odia is taught as an optional subject.

For more information mail to [email protected] or WhatsApp to 8280028002.

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Upara Tala first Book Reasoning

  • ₹80.00

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