• Sambalpuri jute bag

Jute is second to cotton in conditions of amount being produced but is one of the most affordable natural fibers. Jute hand bags are made from Jute. A soft, shiny, and long vegetable fiber that can be formed into strong threads. One of the many products that can be made from Jute is a hand bag.

  • Bags and other materials made from jute is biodegradable, which means that when left unused for sometime, these will get destroyed on their own, leaving the world free of environmental pollution, as against plastic that remains intact for ages and so causes huge environmental hazard.
  • Jute is a natural vegetable fiber, second only to cotton and so can be sewn into any desirable shape and size.
  • Jute plants cleanse the air: studies reveal that 1 hectare of raw jute plants can take in up to 25 tons of CO2while releasing 11 tons of Oxygen during jute cultivation season, lasting a little more than 3 months.
  • Possessed of high biological efficiency, jute can be harvested in course of less than 6 months, producing around 40 tons of plant stem per hectare.
  • Lesser environmental pollution as jute plants need very little fertilizer, herbicides/ pesticides to grow and produce raw jute.
  • Jute is known for its high tensile strength, low extensible .
  • Jute fiber blends wonderfully with other types of fibers, both synthetic and natural, while accepting cellulosic dyes that include natural, basic, sulfur and pigment dyes, creating harmonious designs.
  • Jute cultivation is labor intensive, which suits developing countries where unemployment is a big issue.

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Sambalpuri jute bag

  • ₹300.00

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