World first commercially available, in all sizes complete Bamboo and Glass Window pane.One of the most durable products form -Jucoba, made from Assam bamboo which has tensile strength equal to steel, it is also most affordable glass window pane available in Indian market .100 % Eco-friendly product which will keep your house warmer in winters & cooler during summers as bamboo and glass both are bad conductors of heat .

  • Available in authentic teak & oak wood finish
  • Available in three sizes--37" X 32" & 35'' X 28 " & 45" X 40 "
  • Fitted with 6 mm -6 peace Saint Gobain Glass
  • Complete window set , ready for installation
  • Two sided hinge mechanism for a complete 180 degree window movement
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Author Name Laxmipriya Acharya

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JUCOBA- Panel Glass Window Pane-Bamboo Handicraft- 32'' X 37'' Glass Window

  • ₹100.00

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