Art & Craft

Art & Craft

Odisha, formerly Orissa, is replete with forms of Art and Craft. A new form is seen almost every ten miles one travels. All the art and craft forms use locally available natural ingredients and raw materials. Famous amongst them are Patta Chitra, Saura Tribal Art, Stone Sculptures, Metal Sculptures, Silver Filigree, Applique, Dhokra casting, Sabai and Golden Grass, Puppets and Masks etc. Having an ancient tradition of making splendid pieces of art by hands Oriya artists have long been presenting their awe inspiring master pieces to the world. Looking at the contemporary demands these traditional art forms are now increasingly being used to make modern utility items with a touch of traditional class.

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 Tanjoor Paint Barni stand  TPA021
 Tanjoor Paint Key holder (peacock)
 Tanjoor Paint Photo frame  TPA023
 Tanjoor Paint Tray 9 by 9"  TPA018
Double cutlery TPA011

Double cutlery TPA011


Dressing table mats set of 3 TPA012
Golden grass pen stand
Handmade Palm Leaf Rakhi PLR001
Handmade Palm Leaf Rakhi PLR002
Handmade Palm Leaf Rakhi PLR003
Handmade Palm Leaf Rakhi PLR004
Handmade Palm Leaf Rakhi PLR005
Handmade Palm Leaf Rakhi PLR006
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